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Efficient integrated gearmotors power intralogistics application

Thursday - 18/06/2020 11:59
The intralogistics industry is a fastest-growing market — and one motion-component supplier aims to address the industry’s unique needs. Three of the world’s top five material-handling suppliers use Dolin drive technology, and we have long-term supply agreements with two of the suppliers.
Efficient integrated gearmotors power intralogistics application
One solution for intralogistics is the Dolin — a high-efficiency gearbox integrated with an IE4 permanent-magnet synchronous motor and decentralized variable frequency drive. The VFD and IE4 motor support large speed ranges through a single gearbox-and-motor combination.
The decentralized drive units are also service friendly thanks to plug-and-play technology. The modular design means all of the integrated motor’s components can be individually serviced — in turn minimizing maintenance and repair costs. With an aluminium housing and compact design, the integrated motor is also lightweight and unobtrusive.
Another option for intralogistics applications is a line of two-stage helical-bevel gearmotors paired with VFDs for distributed control.
Dolin product portfolio is extensive and continuously evolving in order to meet the needs of today’s fast-changing markets. Dolin range of drive equipment includes helical-inline gearing, helical shaft-mount gearing, helical-bevel gearing, helical-worm gearing, worm gears, and large industrial gearboxes. Dolin products deliver torque from 90 to 2,200,000 lb-in. and the manufacturer’s ac electric motors are rated from 1/6 to 250 hp. Its VFDs are rated to 250 hp.

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